This script create speedtest-cli journals as json and image data and it can also print them as html .

speedtestdjournal uses speedtest.net tool of speedtest-cli, please read Privacy Policy before perform this script in your system.

Journaling Format

tree of /var/log/speedtestdjournal/

├── image
│   ├── 2020-11-24_00-59.png
│   └── 2020-11-24_01-26.png
├── json
│   ├── 2020-11-24_00-59.json
│   └── 2020-11-24_01-26.json
├── log.json


{"json_file":"2020-11-24_00-59.json","png_file":"2020-11-24_00-59.png","timestamp":"1606175962", "remote_png":"http://www.speedtest.net/result/10471496503.png"}
{"json_file":"2020-11-24_01-26.json","png_file":"2020-11-24_01-26.png","timestamp":"1606177577", "remote_png":"http://www.speedtest.net/result/10471582209.png"}


Go to your prefer script path (such as in here /usr/bin) and install it:

# curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rojenzaman/speedtestdjournal/main/speedtestdjournal.sh > /usr/bin/speedtestdjournal.sh
# chmod 755 /usr/bin/speedtestdjournal.sh

Set Journal Path (log files path)

In default journal path is under home directory as $HOME/speedtestdjournal/. We suggest /var/log/speedtestdjournal/ directory for posixly. This is require root user, and run with root. Change it:

journal_path=/var/log/speedtestdjournal # go to line 20 and set journal_path string to /var/log/speedtestdjournal

Create Daemon

Now we create speed test daemon to run every an hour. You can change the per time value.

Way 1 - Set as a Crontab

Set crontab to perform automate, it is good idea to logging. You can set @weekly @hourly @monthly @daily or any cron param.

# crontab -e
@hourly /usr/bin/speedtestdjournal.sh

Way 2 - Systemd Service

Create systemd service to perform automate, it is good idea to logging.

Get service file

# curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rojenzaman/speedtestdjournal/main/speedtestjournal.service

Copy it to systemd service files directory, and give correct permission to the file.

# cp speedtestjournal.service /etc/systemd/system/
# chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/speedtestjournal.service

Reload and reexec the systemd services:

# systemctl daemon-reexec
# systemctl daemon-reload

Start service

# systemctl start speedtestjournal.service

Check it

# systemctl status speedtestjournal.service

View journalctl log

# journalctl -u speedtestjournal.service

Speedtest-cli Configuration

#usr_arg="--no-download"                                # uncomment if you want do not perform download test
#usr_arg="--no-upload"                                  # uncomment if you want do not perform upload test
#usr_arg2=""                                            # set any speedtest-cli argument if you want
#server="--server SERVER"                               # specify a server ID to test against.
share="--share"                                         # if you don't want create image files from speedtest.net uncomment this
#exclude="--exclude EXCLUDE"                            # exclude a server from selection. Can be supplied multiple times
#ssl="--secure"                                         # use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with speedtest.net operated servers

Note: This script can understand if the cli command is speedtest-cli or speedtest.py

Simple Usage

# speedtestdjournal.sh -h
usage: ./speedtestdjournal.sh [-v] [-p|-i|-l] [-h]
 -v	verbose output
 -p	print journals as html file (image gallery)
 -i	download png files from /var/log/speedtestdjournal/log.json
 -l	list all speedtest results as table from /var/log/speedtestdjournal/json/*.json
 -h	display help page

For get instant speed test just type:

# speedtestdjournal.sh

And get it:

# speedtestdjournal.sh -l | tail -1


An example at here speedtestdjournal.html

# speedtestdjournal.sh -p > output.html


# speedtestdjournal.sh -v


# speedtestdjournal.sh -v -p

Download PNG files

download png files from log.json

# speedtestdjournal.sh -i  # if image exist will skip

List Results as Table (template)

list all speedtest results as table from speedtestdjournal/json/*.json

# speedtestdjournal.sh -l
   9.39M	 829.62K
  12.87M	 781.28K
  12.54M	 791.03K
  12.74M	 829.52K
  12.76M	 661.64K
  12.87M	 793.82K
  12.67M	 681.81K

Non-Root User

Go to your user PATH

$ cd ~/bin


$ cd ~/.local/bin

And download it.

$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rojenzaman/speedtestdjournal/main/speedtestdjournal.sh > /usr/bin/speedtestdjournal.sh
$ chmod 750 speedtestdjournal.sh

You can run now, the journal path is $HOME/speedtestdjournal. It is under home directory, you can change this with journal_path string. Finally create crontab:

$ crontab -e
@hourly /home/YOURUSERNAME/bin/speedtestdjournal.sh


  • Print html with detailed tables
  • Beauty html
  • Json parsing html
  • Create POSIX-SH Compliant version
  • Require testing under OS X and BSD unix


Please go to Issues or Pull requests


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